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The day I am finally happy

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Sometimes happiness is simply just by hearing the people we cherish, is happy to be with us.


the day- a year ago

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18 August 2019

HE was born

Our miracle

Our magic

our love turns into a wonderful baby, blessed by God and the love we cherish

The day I think I’d better be silent

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The day I hear those words again

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I cry in happiness..

The day I know I love you forever

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Up and down

Go and back

Hard and easy

Thick and thin

Tough and soft

You and I will always find each other ways to be with each other

The day I dream

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I dreamt about you.

You were so sweet

And we kissed

Unfortunately it’s only a dream

It would never be happening again

Tuhan, Saya benar benar hancur

Day when everything is broken

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I remember one of the version I read on Ramayana story

Rama didn’t believe shita was still pure after being kidnapped by Rahwana

Shita swore to God that she and her love were still pure.

Rama still didn’t believe it. So he dares Shita if she would like to set herself on fire. If her love was still pure, then she won’t be burned and survive the fire.

shita survived.

But God Krishna took shita away from Rama. because Rama didn’t believe Shita’s love at the first place, then he didn’t deserve Shita

I would never want to be taken by God Krishna

because no matter what, I still love you with all my heart and soul and still want to be with you.

The day I’m too tired to explain

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Terus terang Saya sudah pasrah.

Orang hanya Akan menilai Dan mengerti Kita sesuai dengan level persepsi mereka

Saat Kita berniat baik, tapi kalau dalam persepsi mereka Kita ini buruk, ya sekeras apapun mencoba, tetaplah buruk

Sesimple itu

Ga Ada yang benar

Ga Ada juga yang salah

That’s just the way it is

the day the way you kiss

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Soft but deep and dominating



Gotten me high to the sky

Seep into my soul

Swept away by the feeling, dont wanna open my eyes


Thats how you kiss

Thats how you overpower me, leaving me breathless and helpless

Makes me wanna lay on your arms, forever