i am still

love was so much more fun in the beginning

those expected sweet texts, getting to know each other

those cute jealousy, hidden behind past stories

those first date, first touch, first kiss things

that first memorable night full with love makings


it turns into routine that burdens you in the end

a mundane having to tell each other things each other already aware of

a boring conversation in the coffee shop, watching each other’s phones without really listening to the topic

a bonding that make you suffocated and want to break free, but too hard to let go


But thats not how i feel for you

No burden – no mundane – no boredom – no suffocation

My heart still beats fast everytime i see you walk in to the room

I still get lost in your eyes

Your texts still give big smiles to my face

I still crave for your touch and still melt everytime your lips touch mine

and  darling, one thing for sure

I still fall in love with you every time i see you


But what about you to me?


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