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thats all i m doing now

Accepting whatever will be and will happen in the future

all i know i am trying the best and giving the best i could

for whatever the ending later on, i can only accept them


the winner takes it all

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i love the song by ABBA, the winner takes it all, so much

Its probably because i have never been the winner for my whole life

There has never been a victory stand beside me and be my destiny

and yes

the winner takes it all

the loser has to fall

its simple and its plain, why should i complaint


i shouldn’t be complaining


i am not the chosen one

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Berputar – putar

layaknya layar bioskop rusak

Adegan yang sama diulang berputar – putar


Dadaku sakit

Perutku perih

Aku tak bisa bernafas


Lelehan air hangat kerap muncul tiap kali gambar itu diputar

Bagaimana aku bisa lupakan itu

Bagaimana aku bisa ikhlaskan itu