today is mighty tiring

left home at 5am to finally celebrate the event that my friends and i have prepared since March, while only had 3 hours of sleep at the nite before, and still wit heavy feeling from the news i got yesterday, and the eerie news i got today

the event was a blast, all the participants were happy, and most importantly, we managed to make all the people got closer than before, those who dont know were getting to know each other, and the strange faces have become the friendly faces. The ice is breaking, and it is nice. 

As soon as the event was over, i left the venue to the office, took a bath, and prepared for another activity. College.

 Kalo ga inget harus presentasi dan kumpulin tugas, pengen bolos rasanya. Mata sepet, badan sakit akibat angkat-angkat barang, dan lari sana – sini, jahitan sakit, perut rasa mau ambrol, dan kepala kaya mau pecah rasanya. Tapi kewajiban ya kewajiban. Kudu dipenuhi.

So here i am, duduk mojok di ruang kelas saat break, selesai presentasi. Pengen tidur takut bablas, ga mau tidur tapi fisik beneran ambruk.

at times like this. i need him. so much. The him that have painted my life more colorful. The him that always makes me laugh. The him that i adore so much.

but he turns ice cold.

i made him that way.

so here i am. cryin. 

in the corner

and dont know what to do.


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  1. riding motorbike will usually solve that

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