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Posted in Uncategorized on April 19, 2017 by enybodyhome

I thought my heart has been broken severedly that the system wouldnt be functioned properly anymore

I thought my heart couldnt beat the way it should be anymore

I thought i was a heartless bastard

But just now

Just this moment

I feel pain here inside my chest

It goes like a something has been pulled from my chest through my throath, in repeating mode

It goes like a small knife pushes his way in to the chest

And it feels funny yet painfull everytime i breathe

So i guess i do have a heart and it is functioned well afterall..



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There i saw him..

Walked right pass me

Sharp. Strong. Firm. And fast. Didnt bother to look 

I felt my heart beats faster. Unrecognizable

There i met him

Walked pass by me. 

That glimpse of light from his eyes

Captured my heart. 

The knees fell weak everytime i saw them

There he shooked my hand

Raspy voice. Wide smile. 


I couldnt get that smile out of my head

There we touched

The deep wet kiss

The soft and strong hug

The comforting smell

I want to stay there forever