2016 was over

Sudah pertengahan January 2017, gue lupa ngelanjutin tradisi2 gue di tahun sebelumnya, to write that gratitude list stiap akhir tahun.

Mungkin karena tahun 2016 ga seberat tahun 2015? Atau gue merasa gada yang perlu disukuri? Atau karena ga banyak hal yang terjadi di tahun 2016?


Gue cuma lagi males ngeblog, itu aja sih. You know me, moods come and go, and this year, no mood for blogging..

So, what are you grateful for the year 2016, Eny?

  1. My adorable daughters, they are healthy, smart, good, and grow up to be the most amazing daughters ive ever hoped for. There is nothing could replace my love for them, and im grateful for being given the chance to have such kind of love.
  2. My mom is in great health, i still rely on her so much for everything happens in my life. Although there were times when things get hard between me and her, she is always be my guardian angel, in her own way
  3. Ive got to visit my dad di Tegal. Seeing him smile and got closed to him again gave such beautiful feeling
  4. everyone i love, everyone i care about, have been healthy, in good condition, and are still with me. I dont think i could live my life without them either. Thank you to all of you, my beloved ones
  5. Ga terasa dah setahun lebih bertahan kerja di sini. Never though i could survive that long. Hehhehehee perut lebih kuat dari perasaan kan?
  6. Kuliah is okay. Although ngalamin kemunduran banget di semester yang baru berakhir ini. Gue males – malesan banget kuliah, dan asli ga punya mood buat masuk kelas atau ngerjain tugas. I guess straight A wont be in my hand again now. Thats okay though, at least i pass it
  7. Akhir tahun sebelum natal, ive had a surgery for 15 miom and 1 tumor inside my belly. Im glad it was over, and the process ran smooth. And i tell you one thing, i would never want to experience it again
  8. My birthday will be in a week or so, i guess i could say im grateful for all the blesses that God has given me, sampai seumur ini, dan mudah2an sampai ke umur2 yang akan datang

Apa lagi? i guess thats all, those 8 points have covered all the greatest things that happened to me within 2016

Semoga 2017 listnya bisa lebih baik lagi yes..





2 Responses to “2016 was over”

  1. mbak bahasa inggrisnya bagus sekali

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