Back in the day, I can recall that,my thoughts were unclouded and sage
There was no black staining the walls of my memories
Now there’s a haze pushing me sideways and leaving me nothing to gain
Taking me back, locking me cold in disparity

Where was I meant to be?I feel I’m lost in a dream long for the day I can be myself

When I’m free, when my sun has set
Released my soul forever, I’ll have no regret
To be free I’ll exist again. No more lost endeavors
Nothing to contend, when I’m free

Color declines, all that defines me is falling away, far behind
Nothing to keep me with the time, the here and now

Where am I meant to be?
I feel I’m lost in a dream, yearning again only to be myself

Time is just a concept and always the first thing to fade
Agony and weakness nothing we can never evade
Years are cruel, they break us, bringing on decay and despair
Awareness and perception, something we can never repair

Freedom for me is all I’m really wanting, needing
Give me power to break out
I can’t hold on for any longer, my time has come to end it all

No one to blame, fate’s only random, it’s nothing we’ll ever explain
So it remains

unleashed – epica6cf55c81669a7b2fab6ae4b3320b0aac


2 Responses to “better..”

  1. it happen…. banyak yg mau di tulis, tapi nggak tau harus mulai dari mana….

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