Survival #3

so this is monday

already at the office, setelah kepanasan luar biasa tadi di angkot

Pagi – pagi berantem lagi sama Ardy, yeah whats new on that. Its like a good morning hello to me, or to both of us


Ntah kenapa, sitting here, at this office, makes the broken heart terasa lebih sakit dari sebelumnya. I practically dont know what to do now, and cant get my mind out of the issue. My chest feels heavy, can not breath, can not think, can not do anything

All i want is to sit in a dark corner, and cried my eyes out, reaching for help. I dont know whose help though


The pain, oh the pain. Still couldnt believe myself, i am here again, the same condition, the same issue, the same heart broken, by the same person

Whats worse is , i could not even blame the person for this, as i know it so well i might be the one who is to blame




One Response to “Survival #3”

  1. well, apa ya…I really would love to lend my ears to you babe…at least to help you relieve the pain a bit…

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