Survival #2

So today the agenda was..
Bersih bersih rumah dan beberes in the morning
Had a quite a fight with ardy also. That suddenly made me the loneliest person on earth, for keep pushing away the people who love me. Cried
myself out in the bathroom. Yeah, where else

Dan kemudian end up with me opened the laptop and started writing
Yeah writing stories. It had been a thing that ive never done again for so long. Maybe its time to start. Again
Beside, they said writing was one of the best way to heal or help you forget your broken heart. I ve got 4 pages.Lumayanlah

In the afternoon we went to the mall with nayla and lolop for monthly grocery shopping
Funny thing was, i suddenly lost my appetite on shoes and dress the way i used to be.. This ache inside has really gotten me 😦

Anyway pulang dr belanja bulanan, anak-anak tidur. Then i continued watching himym season 4 until the moment before i write this post

I actually dont wanna sleep, coz the moments before sleeping has always been the roughest moments for broken people as me, but then i realize, showing up at work with bad headache and constantly yawning would not be good for my own health

Anyway that is that. I complete today successfully.

Bismillah untuk besok.. Amiin

Ps: i have to sleep in the couch now. Kayaknya bakal beneran ga tidur and watching tv instead.
Oh this pain inside have made me like 19 again 😦


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