So this is january. My month. Kinda contradictive though, because january is a month of rain. Hujan sehari-hari,they said and you know how i feel about rain. Looovve it. Nope. HATE it!!

Terbukti sih. Tanggal segini aja udah kena banjir dua kali sayah. Not blaming the rain? Yeah, banjir emang bukan karena hujannya sih. Tapi infrastruktur, orang2 yang buang sampah sembarangan, etc. But still, i dont like rain

Anyway. Sekarang udah tanggal 14. Dua minggu lagi my birthday. Yep. My 32 years old bday.
Kalo di pelem2 barat, umur segini tokoh perempuannya udah jadi perempuan matang, sexy, tangguh, always-know-what-to-do kind of woman.

Me? Matang? Still long way to get there. Sexy? Never been. Tangguh? I guess. Gue ngelewatin lalu lintas ciledug tiap hari, whats more tangguh than that? Always know what to do???? Puhleezzz. Most of the time gue masih aja the same old emotional and impulsive girl as i was ten years ago

Masih aja gue ambil keputusan berdasarkan apa yang gue rasa saat itu. Yep, the temporary feelings. Yep. Specially when pms. Like now. When in fact seumuran gue harusnya dah bisa berpikir matang at least 10 kali before deciding anything kan??

Yah taulah ya.. Toh tingkat kedewasaan seseorang emang ga bisa diukur dari umur kan? Atau kali aja gue punya sindrom peterpan yang ga pernah mau dewasa. The hell terus kapan dewasanya dong gue???

(Nanti kali, saat negara api menyerang…)

Anywaay. Stop being so dramatic, my birthday is coming im gonna need to write what are my bday’s list :

1. Almost all of the list ive made from last year, are still listed for this year. Kecuali ipod dan the office. Coz ive managed to get it for myself. Yayyy. Mudah2an item lain bisa gue beli tahun ini

2. Happiness. Abstract. But isnt that what we want for birthday?

3. My project for year 2014. No, it doesnt necessary to happen right on my bday. But im so gonna have a new list for the project

Speaking of list, belakangan aga tertarik ama design srigala. Or panther. I think a cute wolf or panther in my thigh would be a good tattoo

Lets do the research, shall we..


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