How to not crying? I was asking this question to a friend few days ago. This dear friend as usual, gave me a wise and nice input. He told me if i need to cry, just cry. If i fear having caught of crying, i could pretend reading a sad book or watching sad movie. Of course after that he gave me stupid jokes that had stopped me from crying

But tears are like rain, if it needs to fall, it will. Been holding my tears since forever. Trying hard to keep my head up above water and pretend to be okay by smiling, have pushed all the tears inside

And suddenly, by a sacred moment that has just happened, i finally cried. Its been so long since the last time i cried so hard like this. I suddenly cant breath. My chest feels so heavy and all the words that i hve wanted to say, all become unclear. The tears, my eyes they just keep running down my face, and all i could say is ..”Maaf..”

The biggest sadness.

That i have to hurt the only man who could love me that much

And i could only say “Maaf..”


2 Responses to “Maaf”

  1. E contratySad book… or bank account book. ^_^

    There, there. Just pause your life for now. Make time to cry and let everything out of your mind, heart and soul. Apologize to anyone you think you need to, make time to do self-contemplating. After that, move on.

    It’s always a rainbow after each storm. Be easier to yourself and start from square one – level 2, because you’ve already passed level 1 of life.

    Keep the spirit high for those who are still count on you–the girls. They are the priorities now. Best of luck. You can do this. šŸ™‚

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