i love you, dad

I am worry bout my dad. So worry I could not even look at him or his expression. So worry that I could not even tell him that I am worry sick about his condition. So worry that i couldnt even dare to talk bout this to anyone. I am worry if I talk about this the worst thing will happen

I know my dad has not been a perfect dad. I know my dad is kind of dad who doesnt talk too much or share too  much with his children. Well yeah, he has too many children, and all of us, have grown with our own ways, almost without  guidance. We only know dad would be much more quite than before if he doesn’t agree, with what we do or say. I know my dad has not always shown his affection too much, and yeah he is not an expressive man.

But my dad is so much different with his grand children. He has been a loving and very affectionate grandfather. From his first grandson, until his newly born, the 17th grand son. My daughters love my dad so much. There isn’t any day without they screaming out looking for their Mbah. I cant imagine they live without their mbah.

He is super Mbah. He is super mbah for my daughters, my nieces, and my nephews.

We love him so much,

Oh God, please get him healed soon.



2 Responses to “i love you, dad”

  1. I hope he is well now.

    Sorry I didn’t read this one earlier, dear..

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