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Between bday, the sun, and Powerslaves

Posted in Uncategorized on January 28, 2013 by enybodyhome

Yesterday was my birthday.
Alhamdulillah, berhasil mencapai umur itu. Dan Alhamdulillah Jakarta ga tenggelam kaya yg diramal di berita-berita.
How was my birthday? Nice! Many wishes from friends and relatives. Pesbuk, twitter, and directly.
I feel so blessed and love

Celebrated it with my family n nieces. Not much,just jalan2 di mall sambil belanja bulanan. Hihihi i think gue mengkaryakan mereka untuk sekaligus jaga anak2 *evil laugh

I dont get what i wish for my bday as i wrote in previous post, but heii, its my own wish list, and have one year to fulfill before the next bday is coming.
Ill be patient ngumpulin satu demi satu.

However, pagi ini dapet kejutan dari Mbak Jihan n Suami. They send me flowers n chocolates. Beautiful flowers!! Wowww, sumpah surprise n blushing pas nerima. Never thought i wud be that happy receiving flowers. Thank you do much The Dillons!

Dan bukan gue namanya klo ga lebay. Sambil senyum2 dikulum i say it is from my secret admirer, klo org kntor nanya. Wkkkkk dan mreka bertanya-tanya of course. Again, thank you so much Jihan and Paul

Dan siangnya dapet kue dari Four season. Well, karena kmaren ga gajian ga smpet beli apa2 buat dishare ke orang kantor, gue bagi2 deh kuenya. Delicious cake indeed

Well, again i feel blessed. And one thing i learn, kita terlalu sering silau menatap matahari, sampe lupa ama bumi kita berpijak. How this has anything to do with things on my bday? Ga tau, you figure it out. :)))

And hei, im writing this while listening Impian – nya Powerslaves. I am blessed indeed 🙂


What if…?

Posted in Uncategorized on January 22, 2013 by enybodyhome

Wow.. in another five days ill be 31. Can i say im not a girl not yet a woman,now?
Nnahh, ill never be a woman. I dont know if i will
To be a woman, you have to be mature. Less impulsive, and wise in every decissions you make. Me? Most of my decissions have been made based on what i want to do at the time im making decission. Spontaneous? Yes. Risky? Most of them. Aside from the decissions that involve my children, i tend to care less about the risks

Anyway, 31 years living in this world, not once i make a birthday wishlist. Hell ive never even wished upon a blowing candle.
Perhaps because i have never been sure those wishes would be granted anyway. However, this is the first year after thirty. I want to make birthday wish list. I want to wish things for the day. Either theyll be granted or not. I dont care. Just wanna write it down. Here is the list

1. Ipod touch. Or ipod nano. Or creative mp4 player. I know im not much of an apple fan, but i love music. And hei, creative is included on this category
2. Netbook.
Sampe sekarang blm kesampean nulis. Konon kendalanya sih waktu dan sarana prasarana. But deep inside i know im just lazy. And who knows, new netbook might help
3. A pair of shoes i saw in pasaraya a year ago. I saw it again in golden trully two months ago. Dan stiap liat, pasti pas ga punya duit. And how i wish i could buy it the next time i see it
3. A complete set shidney sheldon’s novel
4. A complete set of jenar maesa’s novels. I saw the bundling version in gramed the other day
5. Dvd season  9, The office
6. Dvd lengkap season 1-6 criminal minds
7. Dvd season 1-4 castle

What else….?
Hmmmm i think that is that. Wish me i could buy all of that the latest by December 2013

*Tiba tiba kepikiran, what if i died before reaching 31..?

Renungan pagi hari di lobby – masturb*ting

Posted in crazy theory on January 7, 2013 by enybodyhome

This early morning. My dearest friend, told me his theory.
He said masturbating is a very powerfull way to see things brighter.
“Decission that is made before and after masturbating, are completely different. If only scientist knew abour this. We could prevent so many suicides by suggesting masturbation methods” My friend put his theory lovingly.

In another case, he said. When someone was thinking about getting back together with his ex girlfriend. Ask him to masturbate. The result probably would be so different. (He told me to put YaoMing’s bitch please meme face to describe the expression of the person)

Anyway, however crazy this theory is. Somehow i feel a little undeniable truth of it.

And my friend, you are brilliant! Maybe thats why i love you! Mmuah mmuah!

We pass 1st Pelita!!

Posted in My Precious one on January 6, 2013 by enybodyhome

Kemaren 5 January. Our 5th wedding anniversary. Gak nyangka berhasil nempuh pelita pertama.
Kata orang ujian terberat dalam perkawinan itu lima tahun pertama.
Hahaha mudah-mudahan ya..

Dipikir-pikir, liat ke belakang, banyak banget yang udah kita lewatin. Mulai dari talak satu, pindah kontrakan berkali-kali, punya anak, pengkhianatan, LDR, sampe nyolot-nyolotan yang cuma gara-gara hal kecil.

Alhamdulillah berhasil ngelewatin. Suami mungkin juga udah maklum ama semua sifat gue. Ga bisa diatur, emosian, ga suka masak, dan beberapa kali sempet bohong.  Thank God dia masih mengerti.

Gue sendiri, mudah-mudahan juga bisa semakin paham ama suami. Paham akan hobby-hobbynya dia, dan terima semua sifatnya yang ga sesuai ama gue. Above of all, gue bersyukur, as he might be the only man in this world who could love me that much.

Thank you, Ardy Ferdian Noor. Mudah-mudahan tahan sama istrimu in another pelita – pelita berikutnya ya..


Posted in crazy theory on January 3, 2013 by enybodyhome

When you said you wanted to be with someone. Do you know for how long? Is there any expiration date? Its not fair for that person, if u dont tell them for how long, how can they prepare when you leave them? 
What if they think it is forever. Dont you think it will destroy them once you leave? Then the words “want to be with you” is just nothing..
Anyhow,i just think you need to mention that expiration date when u are telling someone that you want to be with them. Its called precaution