Dear God, im begging you

Dear God..
This pray goes to all those poor children out there
Who starve themselves out there in Africa
Whose parents are dead out in the wars
Who have to work hard to be able to live. Selling newspapers, becoming street vendors and quitting their school
Who were born incomplete and un-capable to relate to the world
Whose the stupid parents abort them or throw them until they die in the garbage
Who have parents but were neglected
Who have parents but stupidly rent them to those beggars and give them sleeping pills
Dear God, please ease their life. Give them happiness children like them should have
Because what else you create them to this world but for happiness
If they cant have it, please have mercy on them..

Ini ditulis dengan hati luar biasa perih ngelihat pengemis di jembatan semanggi dengan satu bayi dan satu anak perempuan tergeletak lemas. Entah mereka anak siapa. Entah mereka diberi apa. Mudahkan hidup mereka, Tuhan…


2 Responses to “Dear God, im begging you”

  1. Jihan FL-Dillon Says:

    it’s a beautiful reminder as well as a strong prayer. I am with you in it.

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