Something’s very dark

Theres something really dark inside of me.
In the very corner of me. In the very bottom of me.
A dark hole that fills with emptyness, rage, anger, jealousy, envy, dissatisfaction, and hatered.
I really dont know where these all come from, i dont know how they accumulate into a big giant of darkness inside of my heart.
Maybe from all the pains ive been dealing in my whole life
Maybe for all the endless struggles ive made since i was child
Maybe because all the let-down and dissapointments ive had to face all these times
And maybe it is just the sum of all the unfairness or unhappiness that life has given me.
No, it is not what life has given me. But its what i have given to life. We shouldnt blame life for anything that happens out our own foolishness, shouldn’t we?

I dont know. I just think this darkness inside of me, is the thing i should get rid of. Especially because i am responsible for the happiness of people around me. People i care about.
I dont know how.
But maybe one of the way is by stop fooling myself, and start looking for the answer inside.
Lets hope i will still find a glimpse of light or silver lining inside this very dark heart


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