Lesson can come from any places

Kemaren, dalam perjalanan nganter gue dan temen gue ke venue acara kantor, supir gue cerita soal pekerjaannya di masa lalu.
It turned out that before becoming a driver, he was a manager. From a cruise and golf company.
I was so wowed listening his stories about him had traveled into almost half part of the world. He even got to Greek! Tanah suci nya saint seiya. Constantly at that time he was like a saint too for me.
Dia juga cerita kalau dia bisa banyak bahasa. Spanish, france, italian and even a little of Japanese. How cool is that!
Anyway, paska krismon menyerang, he got the impact. Got laid off, and for sometimes didn’t have any job
That was why he accepted the first job offer that came to him. It was to be a driver. And it lasts till now
Saat gue tanya ke dia apa dia ga tertarik untuk apply2 lagi, dia cuma bilang “Gak lah mbak, saya udah tua, kalah pasar sama generasi baru”. He said it without any sadness, tapi malah dengan senyum ikhlas
From day one, ive admired this driver so much. His hospitality, the way he treats visitor, his initiative and cooperation have always been di atas rata-rata. Tapi setelah dengar cerita dia, i even admire him more.
He shows me how to always be gratefull in life. And one of the way to show it is to always work wholeheartedly to your job.
Thankyou Pak Yanto!


4 Responses to “Lesson can come from any places”

  1. dang, pak yanto udah bisa nyampe level ‘ikhlas’ yang bahagia, bless a happy life for Him yud

  2. Sama En…., driver taxi Trans Cab langganan gue waktu di TAF dulu, mantan bos juga, perusahaan konstruksi, bangkrut. Lulusan HI Unpad. Deuh, miris.

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