lets go right

I’m 30. I have two adorable daughters,and one loving husband. My family helps me raising my children lovingly and wholeheartedly while I’m working outside. Yes, we still rent our house, but hey, at least its a very comfy house, we like to live there and we rent it with a cheap price.

I’m in perfectly health condition. Once or twice having cold and flu or headache is normal I’m sure. And all my life I’ve never gotten any serious illness. *knockonwood. They say I’m not ugly, some even say I’m pretty, or sexy enough. Of course there’s always those people who will tell I am awfully fat and look unattractive, but hey if I like what I see on the mirror, why should I think of what others see? And for now, I quite like my shadow in the mirror, accept for the tummy part of course. But that was the cost for having such beautiful daughters, am I rite? And I never regret those 🙂

I have many friends. And few close friends, in the real world and in the internet. And they all are always very supportive. Well maybe some of them could be like  pain in the ass or stab me from the back, but why should I think about what’s going on behind my back? If what worth is the friends that are on my side..

I have stuff that I own and liberty to do what i like. I have blackberry that helps me to socialize, and to amuse me. I have that old creative mp4 player that helps me through the rough traffic jam here in Jakarta. I have enough money to buy small stuff that i like, such as clothes or shoes. Of course there is always time when I m broke, when even a good dinner i cant buy, but hey, it solves by itself, it always goes away eventually. I am not rich, but I am sure  I have enough of what I need.

I never go to any concert, i even seldom going out in a movie. Limited time, and of course limited money. But hey, I don’t mind. As long as I could eat my favorite food, MIe ABC cup, that is enough for me.

Now why am I writing these?

Trust me, it’s not to brag or being show off. it is also not in the purpose of making an image. But its to remind me, that I have a happy life, surrounded by the people I love, and that I should be grateful for that.
To remind me, I shouldn’t look at the grass on the other side.
To remind me,that whatever mistakes on the past, that whatever heartbroken I’m dealing now, and whatever troubles I have to face, they all won’t kill me..


2 Responses to “lets go right”

  1. Go forward 🙂

  2. Eny, ane demen quote di gambarnya: “When nothing goes right… go left”
    Wekekekeke… 😀

    Eniiiiiy.. Better we seize the day ajaaa.. :p

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